5 fastest boats in GTA Online ranked based on top speed


Few players in GTA Online care much about driving boats, given the singular island map of Los Santos isn’t ideal for boating. Yet, it is always exciting to drive the fastest ones available, and any vehicle collector would love to acquire them.

Although GTA 5 is set in San Andreas, the HD remake of the map is vastly different. Unlike GTA San Andreas, it is hardly a state now, with only Los Santos and Blaine County available for exploration. Since it is only a single island, boats are practically useless in the game.

However, GTA Online is a vehicle collector’s paradise, with an endless roster of controllable vehicles. There aren’t many waterways in the game, but the Sea Races make fast boats a worthy investment.

Here are some of the fastest boats available in GTA Online:

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of its writer.

GTA Online: Five quickest boats in-game

5) Pegassi Speeder

“Drape a sweater over the shoulders and throw on some loafers without socks because you’ve made it! the Speeder is a classic Italian-style wooden speedboat that will make you feel like you’re cruising the Mediterranean, quaffing Rosé and secretly hating yourself.”

— DockTease description

Price: $325,000 (DockTease)

Top Speed: 68.25 mph

4) Shitzu Jetmax

“A big, fast, loud, screw-the-economic-downturn powerboat, the Jetmax screams ‘I’m a new-money millionaire, and I don’t care who knows it!”

— DockTease description

Price: $299,000 (DockTease)

Top Speed: 70 mph

3) Nagasaki Dinghy

“If you like your dinghies like you like your prophylactics, then this is the one for you. A lightweight, high capacity rigid-hulled inflatable boat that’s good enough for a team of sailors on shore leave.”

— DockTease description

Price: $166,250 (Docktease)

Trade Price: $125,000 (unlocked after completing The Humane Labs Raid)

Top Speed: 71.5 mph

2) Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy

“Looking to mount an amphibious assault on a country’s militarized border or defend your humble seaside home? With a .50 cal gun at the front, this little dinghy will send a clear message to trespassers. Bullets and inflatables, do they really go together? You tell us!”

— Warstock Cache & Carry description

Price: $1,850,000 (Warstock Cache & Carry)

Top Speed: 71.5 mph (same as the regular Dinghy)

1) Shitzu Longfin

“Here at Shitzu, we’re listening. You told us you wanted power. You told us you wanted panache. You told us you wanted a foredeck long enough to host two socially distant orgies at the same time. And the Longfin is our answer.”

— DockTease description

Price: $2,125,000 (DockTease)

Trade Price: $1,593,750 (unlocked after completing Cayo Perico Heist Finale as Heist Leader with this vehicle selected)

Top Speed: 122 mph

Speed source: Broughy1322

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