$500K+ a Week for the Vacation of a Lifetime on Award-Winning Maltese Falcon Superyacht


In order to know what’s happening in the yachting world, you’ve got to spend time in that world. Such is true for most industries. So don’t worry, no one will blame you because you’ve never heard of the Maltese Falcon, one of the world’s most iconic sailing superyachts of its time. Aside from sheer size and an amalgam of design techniques, this ship is also known for its insane level of palpable luxury.

Palpable because you can charter this sucker starting at €460,000 ($532,861 at current exchange rates) a week plus expenses. A week! Nonetheless, you and 11 other guests will be having the time of their life, and by this I don’t mean just lounging around doing nothing. No, the Falcon is equipped for the active billionaire’s lifestyle and features an array of toys and activities to enjoy for that over-half-a-million-a-week life.

Just so we’re on the same page here, some of the awards bestowed upon the Falcon are as follows: 2007 International World Superyacht award for Best Sailing Yacht Interior and Sailing Yacht of the Year, 2007 Showboats International Award for Most Innovative Sailing Yachts and Best Sailing Yacht over 40 meters and again, Best Sailing Yacht Interior. Honestly, I could fill about an entire article with the awards this machine has received.

So what’s the fuss all about? Well, if you haven’t had a look in the gallery already, do so and you’ll understand more about how and why this yacht received the awards it did. Better yet, use the images as a means to mentally transport yourself into that lifestyle, if only for just a moment.

The Maltese Falcon comes in with a length of 88 meters (288.7 feet and includes a steel construction with one very superyacht-like superstructure completed from aluminum. With two Deutz TBD 602 engines that crank out a massive 1,499 kW (2,010 hp) each, this vessel can reach a continuous cruising speed of 16 knots (18.4 mph).

However, part two of the story is over 25,833 square feet (2,400 square meters) of sail coverage. Got no money to fuel your Falcon as you’ve spent it all on chartering this sucker, not a problem. Put up your sails, hope for the windiest week of your life, and enjoy that high-class lifestyle with no cash in your pocket.

As for the interior of this beast, the styling is the work of one Ken Freivokh Design, a team known for putting together “out of the box” designs that tend to leave owners and vacationers speechless. Suites are decked out with leathers, woods, carpeting, and LED lighting. Rounded edges to furnishings ensure you won’t be bumping into anything and getting hurt as you find your sea legs.

Private meeting areas with the same tones as the previously mentioned suites, art-deco lounges, bars, and al-fresco dining are just some of the spaces inside. There’s even a spa room and gym to keep you fit, but the following activities are sure to keep you busy enough.

What may interest you the most is the extensive toy list that the Falcon offers. First off, a 10-meter (32-foot) Pascoe open tender with 400 hp. Two, an 8.8- (28.8-foot) Scorpion 850st sterndrive tender with 260 hp. Three, a couple of Laser sailing dinghies, some Kawasaki Ultra three-passenger jet skis, two windsurfers, flyboard and jetpack, three SeaBobs, and diving equipment. Honestly, what more could you want? Well, there is more to do, but you’ll have to be curious enough to find out after you decide to take a vacation on this party-worthy yacht.

Until today, the Maltese Falcon has racked up 18 awards according to IYC, the broker that can get you on this ship for €460K a week. Need I say more or show you more to get you thinking about that once-in-a-lifetime vacation? That’s what this would be for common folk like myself, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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