Alleged Murder Weapon In Shady Gators Shooting Recovered From Lake Of The Ozarks


CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. — A dive team this morning recovered a gun from near a dock at Shady Gators, which the prosecutor says is the murder weapon that killed Kansas City hip hop artist Vonza Watson.

The weapon was retrieved more than three months after the killing.

The gun was only a few feet from the closest dock slip to the restaurant and at the time of the dive, was only a little more than a foot under water. 

Shady Gators Dock Where Gun Was Retrieved

The firearm was found in shallow water beside the Shady Gators dock slips.

Hart Dive And Salvage was brought in to retrieve the gun with police. The diver surfaced with the gun and it was placed into a silver canister for transport by police to evidence collection. 

The gun showed some visible effect from being submerged in water for more than three months but Cunningham was still confident about the weapon’s forensic potential for the investigation. 

Diver Retrieves Gun From Water

Hart Dive And Salvage pulled the weapon from the water and hands it to a member of Camden County police. 

Weapon Is Placed In Cannister

The firearm is placed in a silver canister to be transported away from the dock. 

“There’s tremendous work that’s done in the field of computer science, forensic science,” the prosecutor said. “There’s an amazing amount of information that you leave behind every time you touch something, every time you use something, every time you purchase something. And we will collect all that data and use it in this investigation and the prosecution of everyone that was involved in this senseless murder.”  

The alleged shooter, John Brewer, 29, of Jefferson City, Mo., is currently being held without bond. An additional suspect who may have assaulted Watson shortly before the shooting, Craig Hawkins, 23, also of Jefferson City, is also in custody. According to police, the retrieval of the firearm could lead to further charges. 

Officers Viewing Gun

Camden County officers investigate the firearm before placing it in an evidence container. 

Weapon Photographed By Police

The firearm is placed in an evidence collection container and is photographed. 

“There may be additional charges for anyone who may have assisted the shooter after the crime,” Cunningham said. He declined to reveal more details since the investigation is still active. 

At the end of his statement, Cunningham issued a harsh warning to anyone else involved with this shooting. 

“You wouldn’t go to someone’s house and trash the place,” the prosecutor said. “This is our house and we will come to your house and get you if you tear ours up. Officers are not tolerating this, my office isn’t tolerating this kind of behavior. We want folks to come here and we want them to be safe and have a good time. And if you don’t do that we’ll be coming to you.”

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