Below Deck Med: What Delaney Evans Has Been Up To After Season 6


Delaney Evans has continued to live out her dream on boats since leaving Below Deck Med season 6. Now, she works on a fishing boat in Hawaii.

Since departing the Lady Michelle after her time on Below Deck Mediterranean season 6, Delaney Evans has continued to live out her dream on boats. Viewers met Delaney halfway through the season after chief stew Katie Flood decided she needed extra hands in the interior. Katie’s second stew Lexi Wilson wasn’t pulling her weight and Katie thought the help of another stew would improve the team. However, Katie realized early on that Delaney wasn’t exactly what she hoped for.

When Delaney first came onboard, she revealed she doesn’t have a lot of experience as a superyacht stew and was more of a deckhand. Her lack of experience on the interior team of the boat worried Katie, which is why she ultimately decided to let Delaney go after her first charter. Despite being let go so soon, Delaney made the best of her last moments with the crew and spent her day off with them.

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After leaving the boat following just one charter, Delaney went back to her life pre-Below Deck Med. According to Delaney‘s  Instagram, shortly after she finished filming for the show, she headed on a last-minute girls trip with some of her closest friends. Shortly after her girl’s trip, Delaney headed to Hawaii, where she now lives. During an interview with BravoTV over the summer, the reality star revealed she has wanted to move to Hawaii since she was a child and thought after her stint on the Bravo series was the best time to make the move. Delaney is now running a 70-foot sportfishing boat, something she never thought would happen on her career path. Nonetheless, Delaney has never been happier since making the move.

On the fishing boat, Delaney does day charters and party charters, which has been a really good fit for her. Delaney gets to be outside and on the deck while also interacting with the guests onboard. She has also learned a new skill: fishing. This position is very different than her job as a stew on Below Deck Medas it’s a lot more casual than the super yachting world. Nonetheless, Delaney is having so much fun at her new job, even calling the boat owner the best one she has worked for in her many years of working on boats.

Delaney isn’t opposed to working on bigger vessels in the future. However, she is happy with where her life is at right now. All in all, Delaney has been busy with her new job on a fishing boat in Hawaii. While she had a great experience on Below Deck Mediterranean season 6, Delaney seems much more content with her new island life.

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