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Eddie Lucas left the world of yachting after season 3 of Below Deck. He finally decided to accept Bravo’s invitation to return for season 8, but the charter season ended abruptly due to COVID-19. When season 9 was delayed until travel was deemed safer, Lucas and the rest of the crew had some unexpected free time to fill. So, what has Lucas been up to since the truncated end of his Below Deck return?

Eddie Lucas began season 1 of Below Deck as a deckhand before being promoted to bosun, the position he worked for seasons 2 and 3. During season 3, he began a relationship with another crew member, despite having a girlfriend back home, something he admits was a mistake. His time away from the show gave him a chance to reevaluate his priorities, mature, and focus on a career. He left the world of yachting to pursue a career in tug boats, taking a brief break to return to Below Deck seasons 8 and 9 as one of the oldest crew members.


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According to his LinkedIn page, Eddie has since resumed working on tug boats and has been employed by Moran Towing Corporation since 2017. He started as a deckhand and now is the first mate. He got his 1600-ton license, which refers to the size of vessels he is cleared to tow. The licensing requires several years of service on different kinds of vessels. Licenses also specify which type of water the applicant is qualified for, including lake, ocean, or near-coastal. Lucas’ license is for inland. Tugboat pay appeared good enough for Lucas, although he does not have the highest net worth of the Below Deck crew. While Lucas has talked about the long hours and hard work that come with running a tugboat, he prefers it to the customer-focused work on charter yachts.

As for his personal life, Lucas has decided to approach things differently since his infidelity during season 3. This time around, Lucas knew what he was getting into and made the choice before setting foot on the boat that he was going to focus on doing his job well. At the time, he avoided all romantic entanglements and all the drama. Sharing close quarters with other young crew members and sometimes flirty charter guests, temptation can be everywhere, but he approached it better this time around. His focus paid off when Captain Lee acknowledged Lucas’ hard work by presenting him with his first officer stripes.

Now that season 9 of Below Deck is ongoing, Eddie Lucas is back as the First Officer. With his career going well, he’s also made some time for romance. Distractify noted that Lucas is currently in a relationship with someone who is not working on the boat. Fans now get the opportunity to see how he bettered himself since the earlier seasons. He has realized the value of hard work and holding himself to a high standard, and he is able to move on from season 8 of Below Deck with a sense of pride in what he’s accomplished.

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