BIG BASS BASH! Angler Reels-In $100,000 Lunker On Lake Of The Ozarks


Rick Voss has been fishing for more than 50 of his 63 years, and it all paid off last Sunday when he caught a $100,000 dollar fish at the Big Bass Bash.

“It was unreal. It still hasn’t sunk in altogether,” Rick said of his $100,000 win.

The Bash offers more than $250,000 in total payouts, with the money all hinging on catching a single big fish. The biggest fish of the weekend wins $100,000, and the top 45 fish from each of the weekend’s eight weigh-in time slots also pay out. This is expanded from last year’s top 35 spots; the largest fish in each time slot wins $1,500 and the 45th-largest winning $190.

Rick, a manager at a printer company in St. Louis, comes down to fish at the Lake of the Ozarks every summer and has been participating in the Big Bass Bash since it started. Four years ago he won third place in the tournament and has also won several small club and charity tournaments.

“I know Rick well,” said Charlie Terrell, organizer of the Big Bass Bash, “We started this 15 years ago and he hasn’t missed one of them. It was good to see him win, he’s a really good guy.”

Rick’s fish came to a total of 7.53 pounds. He was fishing around the 4 or 5 Mile Marker on the last day of the tournament during the second to last time slot when he made the winning catch. He was fishing shallow, trying to hook a big female who was coming up to spawn. And after catching several small males, he got the big one.

“I knew it was a good fish. It was an extremely fat fish, fat as it was long. But I didn’t think it was going to be that big. I saw someone weigh a little over seven and I thought, ‘Well, I know I’m not going to get that,’ and then my scale jumped up to 7.5.”

Rick was out on a Nitro Z7 powerboat and was using a Brush Hog lure when he caught the big one. But his advice to anglers is simple: “Just keep throwing, just keep trying. I’ve been doing this for a lot of years and it finally paid off.”


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