Boating Industry’s 2021 Top Products


Now in its eighth year, the Boating Industry Top Products program brings you 50 of the marine industry’s newest and most innovative products and services to recently hit the market, ranging from boat models to building components and everything in between.

In order to be eligible for consideration, products or services had to have been introduced or significantly updated since January 2020. With a multitude of well-qualified products and services submitted for consideration, narrowing the field down to the final 50 was a monumental task for the team at Boating Industry. The proceeding list of products differentiated themselves from the group for their impact on the industry, innovations and how they advance the product category, or in some cases, create a new segment on its own.

ACR Electronics ResQFlare
The ACR ResQFlare is a high intensity LED electronic distress flare providing US recreational boaters with a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to pyrotechnic flares. With the accompanying daytime distress flag, the ResQFlare package is a complete distress signaling solution that is certified to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements allowing them to be carried in lieu of traditional pyrotechnic flares (U.S. only).

Airhead Big Orange Cone
If you want a tube that offers endless thrill for multiple riders, look no further than Big Orange Cone. This four-person towable tube boasts a unique stand-on design, which adds a layer of fun to a normal boat towable experience. Riders have to test their balance while hanging on tight! Big Orange Cone is crafted from heavy-duty double-stitched nylon, so you know it’s made to last. Plus, the Speed Safety Valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate in a flash, despite its larger size.

Anthem Marine Karma23
Anthem’s Karma has the comfort and spacious layout of a pontoon combined with the performance of a surfboat. It has several innovative patent-pending features: 1.  Sport ramp — the powered ramp on the front of the boat opens for easy access from the trailer/ beach/dock and also serves as a swim platform. 2. The V3 ballast system features openings on the hull bottom, permitting filling and draining of 3600 pounds of ballast in about three minutes without any pumps or complex plumbing. Because the system fully drains and promotes air circulation when the boat is out of the water it dramatically reduces the chances of transporting invasive species.  3.  The open and flowing layout has easy access from the bow, doors on each side and transom walkway, meaning there’s no climbing over interior seats.

Attwood Sahara Mk2 Automatic Bilge Pump
The Sahara Mk2 is the only automatic bilge pump that eliminates air locks with its innovative, patented X-Air Impeller. Its engineered performance forces air bubbles trapped in the hose and underside of the pump out of the pipework, so that the pump will not run dry and burn out. Sahara Mk2 is universally backwards compatible. The basket includes a 7-pump-mounting-hole pattern that adapts to any top bilge pump in its category.

Bayliner Element M15
Access, acquisition, hassle and mastery are viewed as barriers to boat ownership. The Element M15 will address these challenges as a pathway to participation. The objective of the M15 is to provide a boating solution that allows families and friends, who may be new to boating, to enjoy life on the water in a trailerable package that enables recreation, community, adventure, and fun; in a budget-friendly and easy-to-use vessel.

BEP Marine Smart Battery Hub
BEP’s innovative Smart Battery Hub (SBH) is a world-first intelligent battery management system for vessels running two or more outboards, sterndrives, or multiple inboard engines. Smart Battery Hub simplifies battery management with remotely activated switches, automatic Voltage Sensitive Switching (VSS) and emergency parallel functionality, neatly housed in a robust, easy-to-install, ignition-protected IPX7 enclosure. SBH monitors and transmits individual battery voltages and full house bank state of charge over NMEA2000, for easy integration with multi-function displays. Remote battery switching is operated via NMEA2000 or wired switches, with physical manual override of all battery switches for safety and servicing.

CDK Global LightspeedEVO – Voice Connect
CDK Global is a Dealer Management System (DMS) provider, but also a telephone company. Dealers can purchase CDK Global’s telephone system for complete integration with the LightspeedEVO DMS. Voice Connect benefits include automatically directing phone calls to the right place using saved customer information and overall increased customer satisfaction from an easy-to-use experience. The easy system also helps save time and in turn money at the dealership, requiring less time and input from dealership employees.

Cox Powertrain CXO300
After 13 years of intensive design, development, and testing, Cox Powertrain successfully began production of the CXO300 diesel outboard in May 2020. Designed from a blank sheet of paper for both recreational and commercial use, the CXO300 is a new generation of diesel technology, offering a high-powered diesel outboard propulsion option for the marine market. Commercially rated, the CXO300 delivers highly competitive performance, reaching a peak torque of 479 lb.-ft. torque (650Nm) at just 2250-3000 revolutions per minute.

Dock Blocks Configurator
The Dock Blocks Configurator is a tool used to generate complete 3D renderings of docks.  It allows Dock Blocks to custom build a modular, floating dock of any shape and show customers each angle. The Configurator uses CAD files and automatically calculates the materials needed to build the perfect custom dock.

Dockmate Wireless Remote Control System
Since the summer of 2020, Dockmate has launched several key hardware and software upgrades with new, innovative features that offer tremendous benefits and added safety for the boat owner. The system features a new IP67-rated waterproof receiver with DockLink, a proprietary communications protocol. The Dockmate signal reaches up to 165 feet, with two-way communication between the remote and the receiver, allowing the operator to know the communication status. In the unlikely event that the communication signal is ever lost, the Dockmate remote control transmitter will sound three alarms: audible (buzzer), visual (flashing light) and tactile (vibration). Dockmate has also recently developed an Engine Universal Speed Control Interface, which enables smooth fully proportional, and variable-speed throttle control on a wide variety of analog engine controls. Lastly, Dockmate made dramatic advancements to its proprietary DockControl software to further enhance the state-of-the-art system.

Dockwa Availability & Assignments
Dockwa’s new availability and assignments functionality decouples availability from the classic marina map and both intelligently and quickly tells you if you’ve got capacity you’re not seeing in your slips. With this functionality, marinas can:

  • Quickly and accurately answer the question  “can I accept this reservation?” without having to flip through days and days of marina slip maps
  • More easily understand the best configuration for optimal capacity during busy times.
  • Automatically see which spaces a boater can be assigned to when a reservation comes in.
  • Even surpass 100% capacity by responsibly backfilling slips that are temporarily left open.

Dometic Marine Xtreme Power Assist Steering
This new product is designed to bring practical, affordable electric power steering performance to a wide range of boats with mechanical cable steering. It easily mounts to all major outboard motor brands and integrates with existing rack or rotary cable steering system. There is no need to install a new steering system for boaters to get the instant response and smooth, easy control of electric power steering. It has been designed to be easily installed by dealers, marine mechanics and end users.

Entratech Systems WIF to NMEA 2000 Sensor Module
The WIF to N2K is a simplified, compact water-in-fuel sensor to NEMA 2000 plug in converter module. It monitors the water-in-fuel sensor on your marine diesel filters through the NMEA 2000 network and shows an alert on your multifunction display. Works on all MFD’s with water-in-fuel programing installed.



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