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With the world’s largest trade exhibition for marine equipment opening this week, Plugboats has put together this METSTRADE 2021 electric boats exhibitors guide to make it a little easier to find the companies that will be demonstrating the latest in electric propulsion at the show.

Even though electrics are growing in presence at every boat show, it is sometimes a bit difficult to find them – especially at METSTRADE which has 1,276 exhibitors from 48 countries spread over 26 pavilions in the 110,000 square metre (1.84M square feet) RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. 

We think we have hunted them all down for the Plugboats Guide to METSTRADE 2021 Electric Boats  Exhibitors, but there is every possibility that somebody got overlooked. Let us know if you have an addition.

The exhibitors are all listed at the bottom of the page with booth locations, but first, a few highlights to note:

DAME Design Awards

Two companies with zero emission solutions are up for the 2021 DAME Design Award, presented to recognize and promote innovation in 7 categories with an overall winner also selected. The combined registration fees for the 2021 awards are donated to the Blue Marine Foundation.

RemigoOne Integrated Electric Outboard is a new portable outboard from Poland designed by talking with sailors and asking what they want and need in a small but efficient (1kW) motor for dinghies and small sailboats. It’s a sleek pillar design with a combination mounting bracket/tiller that attaches to the boat and allows the Remigo to be easily lifted out of the water for sailing or taken ashore for charging.

Range Extender REXH2 is from EODev, the commercialization arm of the Energy Observer hydrogen research vessel. It’s a 60kW continuous electro-hydrogen power generator, that can  combine with batteries for full electric zero emission navigation and to power onboard systems. It’s already powering the HYNOVA 40 pleasure craft and has been installed by Fountaine Pajot on the SAMANA 59 catamaran.

Good luck to all. Hopefully these new electric/hydrogen innovations will follow in the footsteps of other DAME nominees and winners.

Oceanvolt was a 2017 DAME Design Award category winner for its ServoProp hydrogenerating variable pitch saildrive, the modular electric pod from SeaDrive was nominated in 2019and Toeqeedo’s Cruise FP system was the Overall Winner in 2016. In 2020 METSTRADE had to be held as a virtual event, with a special one-time R&D Excellence in Adversity Award presented to TEMO for its ‘wand’ electric outboard.

New METSTRADE 2021 electric boats exhibitors, new products

The METSTRADE organizers are obviously delighted to be able to have the show live again (although there were some doubts) and are in addition to the regular exhibitors equally happy to be back, there are  180 companies from 29 countries making their show debut.

Thirteen of those (including Remigo and EODev) are electric boat exhibitors – 7.2% of the total for the statisticians in the crowd:

  • BlueNav
  • EODev
  • EPTechnologies
  • Evoy
  • Molabo
  • Propel
  • Rim Drive Technology
  • Remigo
  • TEMO
  • Vision Marine Technologies
  • Water World

…and there are a few new products being announced that we will be writing about in the coming days.

BlueNav of France has developed the BlueSpin line of retractable turbines that combine electric motors with fossil fuel in a hybrid system where the boat can cruise under ICE power when higher speeds are required, then switch to electric by retracting the ICE propeller and extending an electric RIM drive.

Electric Fuel of Israel, a battery maker probably best known for it water-activated lifejacket lights, is adding to its 12V and 24V lithium-ion marine batteries with a new 48V pack  with smart BMS (Battery Management System) and CANBus communication to connect with chargers and boat electrical systems.

Propel of the Netherlands has an intriguing note in its METSTRADE exhibitor listing:

Game-changing electric propulsion. We knew existing technology wouldn’t cut the mustard, which is why we started from the ground up with our axial flux pancake motor design, delivering more torque, less noise and more fun. And it comes with a telling, standout appearance that will raise an eyebrow or two.

This also seems to be a coming out year for high power electric outboards. Vision Marine Technologies of Canada will be at the show with its E-Motion 180E that is getting ready for mass production, Evoy of Norway will have its Gale Force Outboard 150hp and Inboard Hurricane 400hp – fresh off its world debut last Wednesday and the listing for EPTechnologies of Denmark says the company “launching our new electric outboard engines 150HP and 190HP version soon“.

So see below for all METSTRADE 2021 electric boats exhibitors, click on any of the tile images for more information and the location of their booth.

And if you are going to the show in person, be sure to be aware of and follow the COVID-19 protocols on the METSTRADE site

METSTRADE 2021 electric boats exhibitors

Photo of AQAForce


We are a young dynamic company in Schleswig Holstein and have set ourselves the goal to provide sustainable and clean propulsion technology for boats. Environmentally friendly and water-saving solutions for global environmental protection are very important to us.

That is why we have founded this new company to devote ourselves to this endeavor with full force.

METSTRADE 2021 – stand(s):05.818

Photo of Aquamot



High quality and sustainable electric motors for boats and ships, save and clean energy solutions – this is what the name of Aquamot stands for. Whether electric boat drives or the appropriate components, at Aquamot you will get unmatched power and efficiency for leisure driver and commercial use from a single source.

METSTRADE 2021 – stand(s):05.513

Photo of BlueNav


BLuenav electric boat motorsInnovation for Nature.
BlueNav was founded in 2020 by father and son duo, Hervé and Thomas Frouin. Determined to bring the silent revolution to sailors and focus on what matters.

BlueNav has developed a complete energy and transportation ecosystem and is committed to meet the challenge of a user-friendly and environmentally friendly mobility.

Our electric turbines make it possible to transform an internal combustion engine (ICE) boat into a hybrid boat without any structural modifications.

Arcachon, France
METSTRADE 2021 – stand: 5.355

Photo of Combi Outboards

Combi Outboards

Whisper silent, robust, powerful & environmentally friendly. The silent power behind electric boating. Assemble your own electric propulsion system. With our configurator you can easily check what propulsion suits you best for your boat.

METSTRADE 2021 – stand: 5.643A

Photo of E-tech


Complete System. Every E-TECH drive system is a complete system and the set contains everything to install a ready-to-go electric drive system in your boat.
Battery Charging. E-TECH electric drives (4kWatt and higher) are strong generators as well. In a sailing boat under sail or in a hybrid set-up the turning E-TECH engine can charge the batteries.
Thrust Bearing. Every E-TECH engine has a double acting build-in thrust bearing. The axial thrust from the propeller is guided efficiently and without resistance to the engine casing.

METSTRADE 2021 – stand: 2.432

Photo of E-Tech Yachting

E-Tech Yachting

E-Tech Yachting is the largest marine electrical and electronics specialist in Spain, serving the yachting industry worldwide. Design/installation of complete electric propulsion systems.

METSTRADE 2021 – stand: 7.360

Photo of e’dyn by Podkrižnik

e’dyn by Podkrižnik

Electric Dynamic Nautics
The brand name e’dyn established by the company Podkriznik d.o.o. is the short name for Electric Dynamic Nautics. We offer electrical propulsion systems for boats in different variations and powers.

Our goal is to create smart electric mobility solutions for people who move around on water. E’dyn propulsion systems and motors can be used on various vessels on lakes, rivers and seas.

METSTRADE 2021 – stand: 5.565

Photo of Electric Fuel

Electric Fuel

Electric Fuel – presently part…


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