Irish Eyes Are Smiling At These Ireland Staycation Spots Around Dublin


Dublin is a must-see European city with a warm vibe, lively nightlife, shopping centers, and jam-packed with activities for travelers and tourists alike. Dublin is an international hub that is rich in culture and history. However, some need a break from city life, seeking a relaxing getaway devoid of people, busy roads, and honking cars.

Luckily, Dublin is nearby to cozier towns and communities that offer accommodations to those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the city. These tranquil and beautiful staycation spots are only a short drive away from Dublin!

9 Martello Sutton Tower

Want to be king or queen of the castle?

Visitors can make their dreams come true and spend a night at Martello Sutton Tower. Enjoy a staycation in Sutton and sleep in a castle that was built in 1804, complete with concrete walls that are over 10-feet thick! Overlooking the expansive Dublin Bay, visitors can enjoy the feeling of owning their own castle for a couple of nights!

8 Alensgroves Cottages

Looking for a quiet stay just a stone’s throw away from Dublin?

Alensgroves Cottages are located in the quaint community of Leixlip. These 10 cottages are situated just along the River Liffey, offering visitors an escape from Dublin’s hustle and bustle. The properties are equipped with BBQ pits, dining amenities, and recreational activities to be enjoyed on the river. Friendly farm animals also call this property home!

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7 Skryne Castle

Built in 1142, Skryne Castle is 3-storeys high, equipped with 5 bedrooms, 9 beds, and 4 baths. For up to 15 guests, the entire castle can be booked for a memorable staycation!

Being only 40 minutes away from Dublin, the castle is newly renovated, equipped with amenities suitable for big groups and festive events. Activities like horseback riding and fishing are also available on the property upon request. Otherwise, guests staying at Skryne Castle can easily visit nearby attractions such as the Hill of Tara, New-grange, the Battle of the Boyne.

6 Roisin Dubh Houseboat

The Barge is a family-owned houseboat built in 1999 and gently sits on the waters of the Grand Canal. Guests who are lucky enough to book a couple of nights at Roisin Dubh Houseboat will enjoy the vibe emanating from Kildare.

Being 25-30 minutes away from Dublin, Kildare offers visitors a peek into Ireland’s Ancient East history. This county is home to some of Ireland’s best features! Visitors staying at Roisin Dubh Houseboat will fall in love with this rental and the lovely county of Kildare.

5 Roseanne’s Seaside Cottage


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