Lake Of The Ozarks Fatal Shooting Suspect Charged With Selling Crack


LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — A suspect in the Memorial Day weekend shooting at a lakefront bar has been charged with drug crimes. Camden County Prosecutor Caleb Cunningham says more charges are expected, as the investigation continues. 

According to the probable cause document, after the fatal shooting at Lazy Gator’s on Saturday, May 29, Camden County Sheriff’s deputies saw a man matching the description of a suspect, walking away from the bar. They detained and searched the man, 29-year-old Chad Brewer, and allegedly found 16 small pieces of plastic, each holding a white rock-like substance. 

According to the report, the deputy believed the substance was “crack” cocaine and noted that it was packaged to make it easily distributed or sold to others. When asked what it was, Brewer allegedly stated that it was cocaine.

Authorities say a NARTEC field test kit revealed that this substance tested positive for cocaine, weighing approximately 5.5 grams in total. 

Brewer was later transported to the Camden County Detention Center and was placed on a 24 hour hold. He was subsequently charged with Class C Felony Delivery Of A Controlled Substance, and Class D Misdemeanor Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.

LakeExpo will update as more charges are filed.


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