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NEWBURYPORT – The 197-foot yacht Bella Vita left Newburyport’s waterfront Monday afternoon, but unlike its first arrival three weeks earlier, Monday’s departure didn’t go as planned.

As the Bella Vita was backing out away from the central waterfront, its captain performing the same maneuver it successfully completed last time, the yacht became entangled with the mooring line of the commercial fishing vessel Lady Rebecca. Despite dropping padded fenders against its massive side, attempts by the Bella Vita crew to keep the roughly 40-foot-long fishing boat from striking failed, according to Harbormaster Paul Hogg.

Both vessels suffered minor damage but not enough to keep the Bella Vita from cruising out the mouth of the Merrimack, and the Lady Rebecca from resuming its fishing trip Tuesday morning. No one was aboard the Lady Rebecca at the time of the incident and no one aboard the Bella Vita was injured, Hogg added. 

The incident took place near the harbormaster’s office around 2 p.m. Monday during high tide. It took about 20 minutes to separate the boats. 

“Luckily, eventually, everything broke free,” Hogg said. 

The $60 million, Lurssen-built yacht is owned by Dwight Schar, who founded NVR Inc. in 1980. NVHomes, as it is more commonly known, is one of the largest homebuilders in the country with a presence in 14 states in the eastern U.S. With a crew of up to 20, the Bella Vita (“Beautiful life” in Italian) can accommodate 12 passengers, each with their own stateroom. The Cayman Islands-registered vessel also has room for two 24-foot tenders and other aquatic toys.

The Bella Vita stayed in Newburyport for about a week starting on July 5 before heading north towards Portland, Maine. The boat then came back for another extended visit last week – ending with a bang on Monday. 

Hogg said the Lady Rebecca’s mooring and mooring ball are being checked for damage and may need to be replaced. 





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