Missing Carolina Beach boater likely had some survival gear aboard


Stan Cook, the friend who reported Carolina Beach boater Joseph Johnson missing in November, uses technology to point out the area off Bald Head Island where Johnson was likely heading to fish before not returning home last year.

When Joseph Johnson left Federal Point Yacht Club in Carolina Beach in late November 2021 on his fishing boat, he was wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.

His attire was fitting for the 70-degree day of fishing ahead of him, and even as the sun went down and the day reached its low temperature of 47 degrees, he likely remained comfortable enough.

In the next few days, however, temperatures fell below freezing, and Johnson hadn’t returned home.

In June, Johnson’s boat washed ashore on the small island of São Jorge, roughly 2,700 miles across the ocean, and he was not on it. São Jorge is  located in the Azores archipelago in the Mid-Atlantic near the coast of Portugal.

Johnson, 44, was seen leaving Federal Point on Nov. 22, 2021. Stan Cook, a friend of Johnson’s, reported him missing five days later when he wasn’t back for a prearranged fishing trip. 


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