New steamboat to ply Keuka


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The steamer Yates at Willow Grove on Lake Keuka.

150 Years Ago

October 5, 1871

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New Steamboat – Mr. Springstead is about to put out the stocks in this village for a new boat he is building for Joseph F. Crosby & Co. We learn from the parties who have this work in charge that this boat is to be just such a one as the people of Penn Yan will be particularly delighted with. It will be of light draft, and well adopted to rapid motion. It will be finished in elegant style and furnished with those comfortable and luxurious accommodations which will make it particularly attractive to the traveling public. All this we are glad to hear as regards the public accommodation, and the special convenience of Penn Yan. There is one feature of it, however, that we do not relish, and that is the prospect of rivalry and competition for the Lake business. There will not be enough of it to bear the strain of competing interests. All the boating interests on the Lake should be in the hands of a single person or company. Then it would pay reasonably well, and the public in the long run would be better served. We hope therefore that the competing interests will somehow be brought together and consolidated in an amicable way. We arc no enemy to Capt. Wood, and we should prefer that he either have the whole business, or be bought off at such figure as will fairly compensate him. There is no doubt the people at this end of the Lake desire a good, well equipped boat to run from here, and to be such a boat as will be pleasant for parties and excursions, large and small, and make its passengers fully comfortable. Such a boat will no doubt now be provided and will have the liberal patronage of the public. We trust it may result in no loss to any of the parties directly interested.


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