OUTDOORS: The start of fall equals the end of stress


It looks like fall has suddenly arrived and Thursday was just one of those exceptional days that one lives through the cold winter and hot summer just to enjoy.

As of today, archery deer hunters have only five days before the season arrives and I’ve seen some great photos lately of some big bucks taken on cell phones and deer cameras placed throughout the area. Bucks are moving right now but that will slow down once the hunters are in the woods.

It was great to get out and fish one evening recently as I’ve been fighting to get a new deck on one of my jon boats for quite some time. My second boat is about ready to go one I solve a motor problem.

Just getting away from the stress of the day is so important. Whether you are fishing, hunting, golfing, boating etc., it is great just to get away. There’s a lot of stress in today’s world and I look back at how peaceful it was growing up; deciding whether to play baseball or football on a particular day was the most stress of the day.

Once again, tree stand accidents are the leading cause of death and injury to the deer hunter; aside from being shot, these accidents are the ones that produce some of the worst injuries during the deer season. Play it safe going up, coming down, and sitting in your stand. Far too many of my friends have suffered injuries from tree stand accidents.

Along with the cool weather and the rain will come the fall fungi. Never trust a fall fungus if you are not schooled in the edible ones! Many a person has gotten sick eating a inedible fungus and some have died. Books I have show photos of edible fungi and I’ve had people bring fungi, along with their books and say, “This looks similar”!

Holding the fungus against the small photo in a book is not the way to identify a fungus as being edible or inedible. The best way is to have an expert on the subject identify it or have a friend who has spent his or her life picking and eating fungi identify it for you.

There is always a risk when eating fungi in that you may be among the ten percent or so that might be allergic to that particular fungus.

Have a great fall but be careful, fate is always the hunter!

If you read my column last week you might know that I’ve been having trouble for about six months registering one of my boats and securing decals for the other while working online.

At 9 a.m. this past Monday morning I got a direct call from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and, interestingly enough, I now have all those problems solve. Amazing!

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