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The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy and the Minister of Finance and Economy adopted a new Guideline No.1289/1 dated 04.05.2021 pursuant to the Decision No.462 of the Council of Ministers dated 09.07.2014 “On the approval of the regulation “On the registration of vessels”.

This Guideline is a result of the accession of the Republic of Albania to the 1986 United Nations Convention “On Conditions for Registration of Vessels”, as well as fully aligning Regulation (EC) No 789/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 “On the Transfer of Cargo and Passenger Ships between Registers within the Community”. The Guideline provides the fees for the registration process of vessels, official documents and services.

It applies to all those with or seeking to register a vessel such as:

a) Cargo ships;

b) Fishing boats;

c) Bareboat charterers;

d) Passenger ships;

e) Pleasure boats;

f) Submersibles;

g) Boats and small floats etc.

However, excluded from the provisions set out in the Regulation and the Guideline are the following:

• Vessels with motor power below 76 hp;

• non-motorized vessels under 80 GT or 80 tons of water displacement;

• military ships or ships transporting military troops; and

• any other vessel owned or managed solely for non-commercial government services.

The General Maritime Directorate is the relevant authority to ensure the implementation of this Guideline and consequently the organization, management and maintenance of the Albanian Register. Specifically, the Vessel Registration Subdivision is the administrative body responsible for carrying out registrations or deregistration of vessels, sailing permits or various qualifications.

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