Take a Trip Outdoors with These Indigenous-Led Excursions


As a child I spent summers and weekends in Monument Valley, between the Arizona and Utah border. Etched in my head are memories of eating fresh Navajo mutton stew while listening to stories from my elders, splitting sagebrush ’till the oils spilled onto my hands, playing with the wet vermillion dirt outside during a thunderstorm, and staring at the wall of stars at twilight, free of light pollution.

It’s not a surprise that we’re attracted to vivid scenery, ecological wonders, and fields teeming with wildlife, or that we understand our relationship with the natural world through interaction. It makes sense why many travelers flock to national parks and monuments. A recommendation? Next time you plan a trip to the great outdoors, make it an Indigenous-led excursion.

With Indigenous tourism, you’re guided across the wilderness by tribes who know the lands best, with centuries of passed-down knowledge. Going with Indigenous guides also provides a chance to direct your dollars towards a community long-exploited for their homelands. Plus, hearing the stories and traditions of these places also provides a chance to connect with tribal communities and instill a duty to protect the fragile environment of our world.

Here are just some of the Indigenous-led adventures across the US where you’ll surely be more engaged with your surroundings than ever before.


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