These 4X4s of the Sea Are Ready to Be Unleashed on the Water, for the Ultimate Adventure


ROAM is determined to conquer the world of superyacht toys, with its fresh range of “no nonsense, go anywhere” vessels that are specifically designed for superyacht use, featuring built-in Seabob racks, dive bottle racks, air compressors and roof racks for bikes and more. After all, the best part about sailing on a superyacht is the ability to reach remote places, where you can feel free to explore and have fun, with all kinds of thrill-inducing toys.

The ROAM inflatable landing crafts come in various sizes, with different load carrying setups. They’re perfect for anything from dive equipment to bikes, kayaks, motorbikes and ATVs and, as their name suggests, they’re designed for easy beach landing, due to the shallow draft and reduced weight.

Moving to the next level, ROAM 8 and ROAM 10 are the ultimate superyacht tenders, based on an aluminum construction meant to withstand the harshest conditions. You can go from wakeboarding and water skiing, to underwater exploration, with these tenders offering easy access to the water, and the ability to carry a full set of dive tanks. These rugged multi-purpose ribs cut through the water at a top speed of 38 knots, and can be customized to match the superyacht owners’ preferences.

The crowning jewel of this expedition lineup is the ROAM Shadow, a support vessel that ranges from almost 79 feet (24 meters) to 90 feet (27.5 meters). Sleek enough to go anywhere, and easy to maneuver, this shadow vessel is meant to follow the mothership and provide storage for tenders, water toys and land vehicles. Its crane can perform heavy-duty lifting, and there’s plenty of storage room on the open deck and indoor hangar.

Josh Richardson, ROAM CEO, said that all of these boats are meant to fill “a gap in the market for robust, dependable and true 4×4’s of the sea.” The new range is available at the brand’s offices in Monaco and the UK.


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