When will Waterloo’s new theme park be completed? Your Call the Courier questions answered


Q. In the Sept. 22 paper there was an article about ATVs. There are no trails in Black Hawk County that ATVs can ride on, so why do they pay registration?

A. There is a trail for off-road vehicles that ATVs can use at Riverview Recreation Area in Waterloo, as was stated in the article. Cities within Black Hawk County also have varying ordinances regarding ATV usage.

Q. What are the specifics of the marina that will be built in Waterloo?

A. There will be a trail from the top of the levee down to the water. At the water there will be concrete docks specifically for kayaks and there will also be tie offs for boats. A parking lot and some landscaping will also be included.

Q. When will the theme park be done in Waterloo?

A. Work is projected to continue through this year, and the Lost Island Theme Park remains on track for a 2022 grand opening, according to officials.

Q. Is the bridge being rebuilt on Fletcher Avenue? How much is it costing? When will the construction on Fletcher be completed?

A. The bridge deck is being replaced and the roadway on each end of the bridge is being replaced as well. The estimated cost is $300,000 and the work should be completed October/November, depending on the weather.

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Q. Is there a company called Imperfect Fruits? If so, how can I get into touch with them?

A. The Ohio company Perfectly Imperfect Fruits specializes in “rescued produce delivery.” The company sells and delivers boxes of produce rejected by supermarkets because of “imperfections.” According to it’s website: “Our mission is to reduce food waste and improve healthy food access for all. That’s why for every box purchased, we donate produce to local food pantries.” Orders can by placed at the company website. The business address 27853 Chardon Road, Willoughby Hills, Ohio, Phone: (844) 834-4255) (844-VEG-4ALL).

Q. Can a person who is incarcerated receive unemployment?

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A. Generally, no, because inmates are not available for work, which is a requirement to receive benefits. However, there were widespread claims of prisoners fraudulently receiving special benefits created for pandemic relief as states took shortcuts to get aid to those in need quickly. For example, California’s unemployment system reportedly approved more than $1.4 million for at least 20,000 incarcerated people, local and federal prosecutors said. Prosecutors said that in its haste to approve benefits, the department did not check unemployment claims against a list of prisoners, as many other states do. Also, some prisoners who had work release jobs and lost them due to the pandemic could legally qualify for benefits.

Q. Why did you stop printing the police log and fire alarms?

A. The Courier now has an online interactive crime map at www.wcfcourier.com.

Q. My home is unbearable due to portable toilet placements by road construction nearby. Who can I contact about it?

A. We would suggest you start with the contractor, or contact the city street department.

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When will Waterloo’s new theme park be completed? Your Call the Courier questions answered